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The Hague Street Art presents INSIDE

Street Art is presented in public areas, but on this unique occasion the work of 22 professionals will be exposed INSIDE a prestigious and historical building. A former bank, with a view on the hofvijver. From Saturday the 2nd, untill Sunday the 10th of September a wide selection of artworks can be admired and bought at the Korte Vijverberg 2. Each day one of the artists will be present during opening hours.

Sjors KouthoofdSerge KbNienke LitBier en BroodRingo / visual artist,Joy ChiquitaSophia Den BreemsTobias Becker HoffPatrick Artdrenaline,Amik JapansroodMarilou KlapwijkPatrick OutlinerMicha de BieDOminic BrownSuzanne Van Soest松尾喜生Mar KerRakestrekenErwin VerkadeJochem van AllerDavy Davidson, RichLab

On Friday the 1st of September we will kick off the exhibition in a festive way, in the presence of all artistst, partners, organizers, friends and followers. From 19:00 to 21:00 you will be entertained by Mista Sweet’s tunes, bodypaint, Street Art demonstrations and an Ad Fundum Vodka bar. As an extra treat the first 50 visitors will receive a goodiebag so you’d better be on time!

Opening hours:
>Weekends 12:00 – 21:00
> Weekdays 12:00 – 19:00