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‘Dromos Inertia’ Silkscreen

In light of our project in NYC ‘Dromos Inertia’ in collaboration with All City Canvas, we made a 5 layer 60×40 cm silkscreen, hand numbered, visualising our journey through Manhattan during this project. The print represent the values we elaborate on in the report that was filmed about this mural. The print is shipped world wide and can be yours for about $100,- american dollars or €91,61 euros or $1950,- mexican peso’s. Please find the link for purchase below.


Dromos Inertia by Bier En Brood @ All City Canvas Global Series 2019

August 2019 we visited New York to work on a big project for All City Canvas. Check out this interview to learn more about our concept and approach.

“The talented dutch duo Bier En Brood participated in All City Canvas Global Series and created a monumental mural in Manhattan, New York. Becoming the number 15 of the series.”


Wynwood Miami Part 1

First wall in Miami together with @saidkinos for the
@sobercollective group show opening on December 8th.

Sober collective invited us to join their group exhibition in Wynnwood Miami and gave us the oppertunity to design and paint the front of their gallery together with our brother Said Kinos! We created a painting with the depth centering towards the middle of the gallery front, playing with real corners and giving the illusion of fictional corners. If you are in the neighborhood please come by to check our show! It contains work of some great artists! @digitaldoes @saidkinos @telmomiel @mossygiant @timboinart @joramroukes @bierenbrood 80 NE 29th street Miami Florida 33137.

Foodstrip Street Art Project

In collaboration with Karski and Beyond we painted the longest wall in Amsterdam, 160 meters. We made a design that represents the transition the area is going through. The mural was commissioned by Caransa Group and curated by Anouk Piket. Check out the video that Germán Rigol made about this project.